Date: 22/2/2021
Language: Nederlands
Frequency: 6285kHz
Tx Location: Netherlands
Rx Location Tewkesbury via Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK
Receiver: SDR + Wellbeck Loop
Programme: Music.
SINPO: 23211 to 34333
Notes: After a minute or so lost in noise 🙂 but back ate 14:31 – see recording


Station eMail:


Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your report, good that you can hear KR1 at your place.
I have giving you a pin on my map for having a good total impression of the transmitter.
Nice that you wrote to us, KR1 radio was starting since 1984, the AT was taking out KR1 from the airways after 2 years but we came back again after some years, we enjoy our radiostation every time because the hobby is always nice to do.
It is always nice to have respond from listeners and I write always something back.
You can see and hear more about us on the new website every week there is more stuff to read and to hear, read also our trip to Radio Caroline on the Ross Revenge.
In the attachment I have put some info for you.
Thanks again for your mail and recording, hope to hear from you again the next time.

73’s DJ Ruud


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