20:05Z – 11815kHz – Unidentified station on this frequency in an unidentified language playing music. Radio Brasil Central is listed here at this time but the music heard did not appear to be the same as on that stations webstream. SINPO 13422 at best. If you have any ideas who may be on this frequency at this time I would love to hear.


20:33Z – 9980kHz – WWCR Nashville very weak this evening, from the 100kW Nashville transmitter on a 90 degrees bearing, with a discussion programme talking about Goldmann Sachs. Very weak at 14322 // webstream.

China Radio International - Wikipedia

20:43Z – 9600kHz – China Radio International in English. China dominate the shortwave bands but this 500kW transmitter was only just breaking through strong interfering noise. This is from the Kashi-Saibagh transmitter site in the western edge of China. SINPO 34233

20:50z – 9440kHz – China Radio International in parallel with 9600kHz. This from Kunming-Anning 500kW transmitter in the east of China. SINPO 24322

21:00Z – 5920kHz – Unidentified oriental language station, assumes Voice of Freedom, South Korea directed at North Korea from a 10kW transmitter at Hwaseong

Missionary Voice Radio

21:15Z – 5939kHz – Radio Voz Missionaria, Camborou SC, Brazil. 10kW Transmitter. Interference from 5940kHz (Algeria) which was eliminated by supressing the USB.

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