16:35 – 5015kHz – Unidentified weak signal at 25322, playing western music inl “Maneater” by Daryl Hall & John Oates, pres. Pirate

16:40 – 6290kHz – Pirate playing “Annie’s Song” by John Denver then “Annie, I’m not your daddy” by Kid Creole. Later “No particular place to go” ID as premier Radio International – Close down at 16:50Z SINPO 34323 (Website http://www.premierradio.ie/) Signal returned 16:52.

17:45 – 5140kHz – Charleston Radio International with a Blues song from their transmitter in Germany (Berlin?). This was followed by some Charleston-style music, typical of this station’s repertoire.

17:50 – 6050kHz – PBS Xizang with Chinese Instrumental music from 100kW transmitter at Lhasa-Baiding 602. SINPO 34433. Also on 7240kHz from Lhasa at same power, SINP 34433 also. Also heard weaker on 4820kHz (SINPO 24322) until abrupt closedown midway through music at exactly 18:00Z

18:40 – 3940kHz – Dutch pirate ‘Mike Radio’ playing Dutch Music including “Maria, Maria”. SINPO 45544

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